About Us

Serving the engineering community for 65 years.

In the 80's the founders of CMI created vinyl sheet pile profiles to replace the rusty and rotted bulkheads that lined America's coastlines. Since then, CMI has grown into an international material supplier and serving engineers and contractors with solutions in numerous countries around the world. The core values of the company remain the same as they did the day we were founded: create sustainable, long-lasting products that are value engineered alternatives to traditional materials.

CMI is part of the Crane Group, based in Columbus, Ohio. As a Crane Group company, we incorporate the 65 year legacy as an expert manufacture into our state-of-the-art production facilities. With several offices across the nation and distributors across the globe, CMI's popular line of sheet piling, components and aluminium structures can be found all over the world.

CMI continues to invest heavily in research, development and the engineering of eco friendly products that can help rebuild infrastructure. More recently, our engineering support services and installation equipment have rounded out our portfolio of offerings. Closing the gap to a total structures solution for government entities and industrial facilities makes us the material and project support partner for some of the world's top engineering firms.