Marine Access

Bristol Marina Pier

Charleston, SC
January 2008
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City Marina Company
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Phase I

  • 12 ft x 80 ft DR1/Bridge 8 ft x 80 ft DR1
  • 12 ft x 245 ft Fixed Pier 20 ft x 30 ft Gazebo
  • IPE Hardwood Decking

Phase II

The exact same design was duplicated, including the bridge, DR1, Fixed Pier and Gazebo for additional access options to floating docks from the main parking area.

Shipping Details

Project Summary

The City Marina Company created a large, multi-use facility by choosing GatorDock®. This all-encompassing area provides lounging under the gazebo, fishing from the pier, access to parking and other facilities as well as marine access. The client was so impressed with the custom options, quick turnaround and quality of product that a second phase of the same design was installed the next year.

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Product Used

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