Environmental Social Governance

We strive to add real value. Find out how we're making an impact in the communities we serve.


Our Mission

To protect and improve access to shorelines and waterways while leading advancements in soil stabilization. We provide a lower total cost of ownership using alternative and sustainable materials to address an evolving climate and approaches to land use.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG)strategy. As engineering industry leaders, we do not gloss over these principles. Instead, we actively analyze and apply them⁠. We move forward with the understanding that strict adherence to ESG is challenging to achieve. Sometimes there are no straightforward answers. We must rely on our leadership, sound judgment, and innovation.  We must also approach each issue with humanity and open minds.

We are committed to monitoring our progress and evolving our vision for long-term sustainable development. Our team will use the recommended ESG reporting framework to demonstrate our commitment and hold ourselves accountable. In addition, we will refine our environmental, social, and industry impact beyond standard ESG metrics.

Preventing Environmental

Preventing environmental damage

When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund faced 30 acres of contaminated shoreline, they called on our experts. This land posed a significant risk to human health and the environment due to toxins. As outlined in this case study, ShoreGuard’s industry-leading material formulation and cell classification provide superior cut-off & containment protection while also remaining highly chemically resistant and neutral throughout its service life.  

Averting Climate

Averting the destruction of climate change

Our products protect some of the most valuable assets in the world, including large oil refineries, international airports, and vital infrastructure. Our sheet piling and retaining walls have also helped communities in disaster areas rebuild. These structural solutions protect from future damage as well.


Building Strong Relationships & Communities

Although a statistic or equation can’t measure them, our relationships inside and outside our company are critical to our success. These connections define us as an organization while helping our team learn and grow.  


Valuing human

First and foremost, we uphold human dignity and equality. Our leaders facilitate a safe work environment where workers are paid fairly and treated with respect.In addition, we put forth a concerted effort to encourage diversity and ensure inclusion within our company and our network of partnerships.  

Investing In Our Team

Investing in our

We remain grateful for our team of talented individuals who invest their time and skills into our company. We reciprocate their dedication by reinvesting in their lives with education initiatives and opportunities to grow within our organization.

Greater Good

Striving for the greater good

We recognize the importance of investing time and resources in the communities we serve. We’re proud to give back through charitable and educational programs. Furthermore, we keep these communities and stakeholders at the forefront of our minds. Doing so ensures our investment decisions reflect the best interests of our stakeholders.


Optimizing Supply Chain Goverance

Our leaders work with each link of the supply chain, from suppliers and workers, to ensure sustainability. They develop policies and relationships to optimize the life cycle of our solutions, considering all ESG factors. When we partner with our constituents, we make certain their goals and values align with ours.


Facilitating transparent communication

Transparent communication begins with us. We create a collaborative environment that fosters innovation. By encouraging an open environment, workers and stakeholders are free to ask questions and give feedback, allowing us to evolve.

Risk Monitoring

Monitoring & mitigating

We understand that every opportunity presents risks. Therefore, before moving forward with any plan or project, our leaders and engineers assess the potential risks. Additionally, we stay up-to-date with the political and economic landscape to anticipate financial risks well in advance.

Leadership & Trust

Cultivating ethical leadership & trust

We call for ethical leaders at every level, from production operators to our CEO.We foster a culture where our values are much more than what’s written on paper. Instead, they guide us throughout our day-to-day lives as we make changes for the greater good.

Sustainable Solutions

We invite you to join us in our recycling efforts as we strive to protect and improve access to shorelines and waterways.

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