Sustainable Solutions

Engineered Products to Protect & Provide Access to Land & Water

About CMI

Revolutionizing the Markets We Serve

CMI is the leading manufacturer and fabricator of engineered products providing solutions for marine walls, flood-levee protection, water control, chemical containment, soil stabilization, groundwater cut-off, aluminum bridges, gangways, docks and industrial access applications.

We are driven to enable access and protection of shorelines and waterways while leading advancements in soil stabilization for all types of land and water use through our commitment to innovation. We strive to provide a lower total cost of ownership using alternative and sustainable materials to address an evolving climate and approaches to land use.

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Commercial Solutions

Superior Products & Innovative Technologies

CMI is proud to provide a wide range of American-made products and technologies that are designed and engineered to support commercial applications with the strongest, highest quality materials.

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Residential Solutions

Marine Wall Structures

Damage from flooding, erosion and turbulent waters are serious threats to your property and the way you enjoy it. CMI residential solutions are designed to protect your property from disappearing over time or being destroyed by natural forces.

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• Recycled Materials
• Engineered Products
• Sustainable Solutions
• Made in the USA

Our Commitment to ESG -
Environmental Social Governance

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