Installation Equipment

The PileClaw® steel mandrel drives your vinyl or composite sheet piling more efficiently in the most challenging installation environments.

Installation Equipment

CMI developed PileClaw® Installation Equipment to provide a complete solution for the most challenging installation environments. PileClaw is our proprietary steel mandrel installation technology, incorporating patented features to improve the installation of ShoreGuard® and UltraComposite™ sheet piling.

PileClaw® Mandrel

The PileClaw Mandrel is used in many different soil and marine driving conditions, and designed for multiple CMI profiles and sheet lengths driven at depths up to 70 feet. PileClaw Mandrels are compatible with traditional driving equipment including cranes, excavators and Mobilram pile drivers.

PileClaw® Drive Guide

During extraction, PileClaw Drive Guide uses an adjustable width and built-in system for a variety of sheet piles and Mandrels to increase the rate of installation, keep sheets aligned, take the stress off the interlocks, and reduce labor time with easy on-site assembly.