CMI White Papers

Downloadable white papers on performance and requirements.

White Papers

Estimating Material Requirements

Use this guide to estimate the material requirements required to build a long lasting seawall.

Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum

Learn why aluminum is an excellent corrosion resistant material used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Effectiveness of a Plastic Encasement as a Timber Preservative

Information about how plastic encasement preserves timber.

Deflection of Vinyl Sheet Piling PDF

Learn why CMI's Vinyl Sheet Piling is effective for long-term applications.

Fundamentals of Wall Design PDF

A summary of the engineering fundamentals for long lasting earth and water retention structures.

Using PVC Sheet Piling for Organic Chemical Cut-off and Containment Barriers PDF

See how PVC sheet piling can offer increased chemical cut-off and containment performance and design life, as well as reduced costs over conventional solutions.

Design Stress For Vinyl Sheet Pile PDF

A white paper on how to design vinyl sheet piling structures for maximum safety and the longest life possible.

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