Sheet Piling Accessories

ArmorWare™ components and accessories are designed to match the longevity and service life of our most popular sheet piling products.

Sheet Piling Accessories

ArmorWare™ is CMI’s line of sheet piling structural components for building an entire wall system with highly durable components including sheets, anchor rods, caps and dead man anchors. Our wall accessories are designed to specifically pair with our sheet piling products to create a durable, long lasting structural solution for your project.


VersaCap is a decorative capping option engineered to fit over ShoreGuard® vinyl sheet piling, made in the USA, and readily available. This nonstructural cap is designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your Flat Panel™ or corrugated wall. Contact us directly for more information.

  • Simple Installation
  • Durable & Sustainable 100% Vinyl
  • Great option when a structural cap is not required.

ArmorWare™ Cap

ArmorWare caps are aluminum and corrosion resistant products engineered specifically to enhance synthetic sheet piling structures. Several cap profiles and color options match our ShoreGuard® sheet piling and AlumiGuard™ products for seamless connection.

ArmorWare™ Rods

CMI’s innovative tie rods are protected with a durable, high-density poly coating in the environment-exposed section of the steel rod. ArmorWare Rod have a protective system that outlasts traditional steel tiebacks rust and corrosion in marine environments. 

Components for Sheet Piling Structures

ArmorWare™ accessory products are specifically designed to pair with and match the longevity and service life of our most popular sheet piling products.

Wales for Bulkheads and Other Sheet Pile Walls

ArmorWare™ wales were designed to resist corrosion, stand up to wave action, UV exposure and other environmental impacts as well as provide maximum structural support.