CMI Brochures

Downloadable brochures for GatorBridge®, ShoreGuard®, TimberGuard®, and more.


Commercial Sheet Piling Applications Brochure PDF

Civil applications of CMI commercial sheet piling for flood protection, retaining structures, and more.

Shoreguard PDF

Residential Applications Brochure PDF

Residential applications of CMI's ShoreGuard Synthetic Sheet piling to protect your shoreline.

GatorBridge® Aluminum Bridge Brochure PDF

Understand CMI's GatorBridge® Bridge systems. These lightweight bridges are perfect for remote locations.

Cumberland® Trail Bridge Brochure PDF

Understand CMI's Cumberland® Trail Bridge system. These lightweight bridges are perfect for remote locations.

Versacap® Brochure PDF

Preview CMI's decorative Versacap® solution that fits over ShoreGuard® Vinyl Sheet Piling.

TimberGuard® Brochure PDF

Timberguard® is CMI's Innovative line of polymer protected treated wood and lumber.

ShoreGuard® Technical Brochure

Details for premium woodgrain and standard color sheet piling color options.

GatorDock® & Mantle Industries® Brochure

Aluminum marine access solutions for floating docs, launch systems, piers, marinas, and more.

CMI Synthetic Sheet Pile Applications

CMI's synthetic sheet piles are commonly used for marine structures, flood control, cutoff and containment, and more.

Newly Published USACE EM 1110-2-2502

This paper highlights important changes to the Engineer Manual (EM) 1110-2-2502 Floodwalls and Other Retaining Walls.

Capabilities Statement

Summary of what we do, why we're different, and the clients we've served.

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