Installation Equipment

Steel Mandrel for CMI Vinyl & FRP Sheet Piling


Patented, Proven Sheet Piling Installation Equipment & Technology

Installation Equipment

CMI Installation Equipment relies on proprietary technology in order to ensure a quality product install from start to finish. When you use our Installation Equipment you’ll experience more control over the quality as well as added construction advantages over conventional sheet driving methods. Once you select one of CMI’s vinyl, FRP composite and sheet piling solutions, you can also choose to use CMI’s steel mandrel to install your materials more efficiently. It’s a solution designed uniquely for CMI products, so you can trust that it’s created with industry-leading engineering. CMI solutions involving installation equipment are useful in scenarios such as:

  • Concerns of Drivability
  • High Blow Count Soils
  • Possible Underground Obstructions
  • Driving Vinyl Sheet Piling to up to 70’ Depths

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