FRP Composite Sheet Piling

UltraComposite™ sheet piling and round piling is engineered to provide significant strength and longevity compared to other conventional materials.

FRP Composite Sheet Piling

CMI’s fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) UltraComposite™ sheet pile and round pile products are more corrosion resistant, easier to handle and can provide substantial cost-savings during shipping and installation than steel and conventional materials. UltraComposite is used in thousands of commercial and private projects with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Navy and numerous state and local municipalities.

As the largest FRP sheet pile profile currently produced, UltraComposite products are domestically produced and piles are typically delivered to job site with lead times much shorter than steel.

Sheet Piling

UltraComposite™ sheet piling is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steel sheet piling in marine structures, flood walls, and seepage barriers. It’s the strongest, most durable composite sheet piling profile available and often specified for bulkheads in areas that require heavier loading support than vinyl.

Round Pipe Piles

With the low transportation and handling costs, and no maintenance expenses, UltraComposite™ pipe piles are used for docks, piers, foundations, dolphin pile structures, mooring poles and more. These piles offer higher performance, corrosion resistance, less environmental impact, and lower life-cycle costs than wood, steel, or concrete.