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Tudor Park Marine Wall

Hoofddorp, Netherlands
January 2021
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Luxury Dutch Neighborhood Relies on CMI’s Vinyl Sheet Piling for Flood Protection

If there is a country on the planet that takes flooding and flood control seriously, it is the Netherlands. A third of the country is below sea level, and two-thirds of the Dutch nation is prone to flooding due to storm surges in the North Sea and inland flooding from the Rhine and Meuse rivers.

So, when it came to protecting 33 luxury water-front houses on Shakespeare Island and 24 homes along the waterfront of Windsor Court, community developer, Dura Vermeer, did not hesitate to use CMI manufactured ShoreGuard® vinyl sheet piling to align the wandering canals and protect the Tudor Park community.

The developer, who perfected the vision of a traditional English Tudor architectural style along with the winding ribbon of greenery and water running through Tudor Park housing estate, hired contractor, and CMI European Distribution Partner, Sheet Piling Solutions (SPS). SPS relied on CMI to supply the Flat Panel™ Sheet Piling that would create the seawall that protected the housing project.

To match the existing azobe or okan hardwoods, Flat Panel (FP-475) in Woodgrain brown was used for the seawall. Once the hardwoods have been exposed to the UV radiation for about six months, they will harmonize with the hue of the sheet piling.

A total of 1,650 sheet piles were used and the lengths of each panel varied from 13 to 20 feet. The linear length of the seawall was close to a mile.

Due to COVID, wet conditions, and delays in the building of houses, the project took nearly 18 months to complete.

SPS averaged nearly 100 feet of sheet pile installation a day.

With the seawall recently completed, the Tudor Park community, located in Hoofddorp, which is 30 minutes southwest of the capital of Amsterdam, will remain protected from flooding for decades.

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