Engineered for Performance. Designed to Intimidate.

October 20, 2019

Engineered for Performance. Designed to Intimidate.

CMI Limited Co. has been beautifying and protecting pieces of our nation’s history and communities across America for over 25 years. We are proud to continue that tradition with ChampionWall, an athletic fence system that takes games to the next level!

ChampionWall is an athletic outfield wall made from over 98% recycled material. This high-performance athletic vinyl wall replaces outdated chain link fencing, padded outfield walls, and windscreens. It is strong, sustainable, and durable.

Athletic programs of all kinds – baseball, softball, lacrosse, and even soccer – are enhancing their programs with innovative practice and game facilities. Now, you can too – with the same materials used for seawalls and recommended by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

ChampionWall is the long-lasting, maintenance-free synthetic wall that gives your athletic program a true ‘stadium feel’ on almost any budget. It’s fully customizable: add site lines, distance markers, or leverage it as a fundraising opportunity for your teams — no paint required.

“The reaction has been extremely positive and how much it has changed the overall look of our facility.” Jim Peeples Head Baseball Coach, Piedmont College

“It is maintenance free other than having to pressure wash it once a year. It is a fantastic product from this perspective. Because of the ease that has been made to add color to the wall it will never have to be repainted like a wood wall, it will never dent like a sheet metal wall and it will never tear like a padded wall.”

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