Fans, Players and Coaches Love It!

October 18, 2019

Fans, Players and Coaches Love It!

We chose CMI’s ChampionWall for a few simple reasons: longevity, minimal maintenance, and superior playability. However, the installation of this wall on our field has exceeded our expectations, and leaves a strong impression on both fans and competing teams.

In fact, visiting coaches have seen our new ChampionWall and are now looking into doing the same thing with their own facilities. I can’t blame them — it’s kind of a no-brainer. For programs that have to consider the long term maintenance of a fence and overall cost, this is best option available.

Our old chain link fence and windscreen was becoming more and more difficult to maintain. ChampionWall, however, is virtually maintenance free. It will never have to be repainted like a wood wall, and it will never tear like a padded wall.

Our players love it; we can’t believe how well it plays, and how much it has added to the look and feel of our facility. It was a major facility upgrade that adds to the quality of our baseball and softball facilities — absolutely worth the investment!

The above is from an interview with Jim Peeples, Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director of Piedmont College.

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