GatorAccess: Industrial Access Solutions

October 14, 2019

GatorAccess: Industrial Access Solutions

A Closer Look at Utility Applications

As the demand for industrial access solutions continues to grow, the manufacturing process at Gator has evolved to provide our customers with innovative products designed to address their unique needs.

ADA Compliant Stairs

ADA Compliant Stairs

For the Georgia Institute of Technology, the welfare of their students and sports fans is the number one priority. With over 55,000 football fans flooding the stadiums on campus any given Saturday, the construction of the staircases at Peters Park Garage required a high-performance product for this high traffic area.

Aluminum was selected as the superior material due to its non-corrosive nature, and its ability to withstand the abuse. Custom features like plasma coated steps for long wear life and maximum slip resistance were incorporated into the design, as well as dual height graspable railings. Now and for years to come, these ADA compliant stairs facilitate the safe passage of tailgaters from ground level to the top deck of the parking garage.

Maintenance Access Stairs

Maintenance Access Steps

Pump stations play a critical role in supplying drinking water to the 80,000 residents in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. For the local water authority, protecting the control panels of these systems became vital to their operation. In order to safeguard the fragile hardware from failure in areas prone to flooding, Gator's aluminum access structures were installed.

More cost effective than the steel alternative, these utility access units were built to last. Flood elevation levels were the first consideration in the initial development resulting in maintenance platforms ranging in height from 3 to 10 feet. Specially made frames manufactured to accommodate the electrical panels were also included in the layout as well as OSHA compliant railing for the safety of water pump technicians.

With a 40-year history of excellence in the fabrication of aluminum structures, it's no wonder engineers and contractors alike rely on the expertise of our team.

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