Players Know Best

October 17, 2019

Players Know Best

I didn’t realize that I could have a strong preference on something like an outfield wall.

After the installation of ChampionWall at the Loudermilk Baseball Complex of Piedmont College, where I serve as Assisnat Coach, however — I can say that I definitely have an opinion about the matter. My team members do, too.

Our players love it; it has transformed our field, taking it to the next level. They love the nostalgic ‘stadium’ feel as much as the fans do — even if they’re not aware of the technological innovation that goes into something like this.

Our players appreciate being able to use one of the nicest ballparks in the country. What makes it even better is that we know generations of champions will continue to benefit from this decision: ChampionWall is long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free.

I feel confident putting the team on the field with ChampionWall: it’s strong, reliable, safe — and beautiful to look at. I also feel certain that the ChampionWall installation at Loudermilk Baseball Complex helped us to land being the host site for the 2014 NCAA South Regionals.

We’re proud to be the first installation of ChampionWall in the country; we certainly won’t be the last.

The above is from an interview with former player and current Assistance Coach at Piedmont College, Colton Bryant.

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