Preventing Disasters Due To Climate Change

October 28, 2019

Preventing Disasters Due To Climate Change

For over 25 years, CMI’s innovative technology has offered cutting-edge solutions to prepare for, recover from, and prevent disasters related to climate change. CMI products have decades of in-field proven-performance to stabilize and raise the height of levees and dams. CMI’s sheet piling currently protects some of the nation’s most valuable assets – ranging from international airports to some of the largest oil refineries in the world. It has been exhaustively tested and approved for use by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Both our ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling and our FRP sheet piling, UltraComposite, have been used in projects with the USACE, URS and many other infrastructure engineering firms.

Climate Control

Memorable Projects

Swan Quarter and the San Francisco International Airport are just two project examples where CMI’s sheet piling has been used as flood walls in levee upgrade projects, helping to prevent overtopping, internal seepage, piping of stratum and surface erosion. CMI’s sheet piling benefits in these projects added more than just a long-lasting solution. CMI’s sheet piling is cost-effective: floodwall and levee repair solutions can be completed for half the cost of projects using traditional materials (such as steel and slurry). More importantly, our products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Made from 90% recycled material, our products provide a much lower carbon footprint project as transportation costs and equipment needs are minimized.

The PileClaw

For installation in difficult soils or hard-composition soils, the PileClaw installation mandrel has been specifically designed for ShoreGuard and UltraComposite sheet pile installation. CMI has developed an entire line of installation support equipment, including the PileClaw and DriveGuide, to aide civil infrastructure projects in quick, cost-saving installations.

To learn more about our campaign to protect the nation against the affects of climate change or to get design assistance from one of our in-house engineers, contact CMI.

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