The Installation of a New Sports Legend: ChampionWall

October 21, 2019

The Installation of a New Sports Legend: ChampionWall

ChampionWall is an athletic outfield wall designed to take games to the next level! Made from over 98% recycled material, this synthetic vinyl high-performance athletic wall is strong, sustainable, and durable.

In fact, that’s exactly why Piedmont College selected ChampionWall to replace its outdated chain link fence and windscreens in 2014. The new, fully customized fence reflects the school’s spirit and blends seamlessly into the beautiful stadium, which evokes a sense of nostalgia — or at least, the memory of ‘A Field of Dreams’.

Installation of the outfield wall began in March and was complete in time for Piedmont to serve as 2014 NCAA Baseball South Regional Host only a few weeks later.

“Players love it, fans admire it, and coaches envy it,” says Jim Peeples, Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director at Piedmont College.

“We couldn’t be more satisfied. It will never have to be repainted like a wood wall, it will never dent like a sheet metal wall and it will never tear like a padded wall,” declares Peeples. ”For programs that have to consider playability, long-term maintenance, and overall cost, this is best possible fence for your facility!”

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