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CMI engineers incorporate custom features like stair treads coated for maximum slip resistance, graspable railings, and in-house engineering specific to each unique application. Our aluminum staircases are ADA compliant and more cost-effective than other steel alternatives. The staircase assemblies can be designed for different applications and heights providing access at parks, buildings, decks, or industrial facilities like water treatment or manufacturing. 

Custom support structures fabricated out of aluminum are available by request. The aluminum staircases are shipped partially disassembled to maximize shipping economy and ease of on-site installation.

GatorAccess fabricates cost effective aluminum stairs with safety and sustainability in mind.

Aluminum stairs also offer many benefits such as: low maintenance, easy installation, and lower cost than other materials.

Whether you're looking for industrial stairways or deck steps, all of our aluminum stairs are custom fabricated to fit any residential, industrial, or commercial use. They are lightweight, durable, and load bearing.

CMI specializes in custom fabrication of aluminum stairs. While most of the industry crafts steel stairs, we fabricate aluluminum stairs because it is resistant to rust or corrosion, longstanding regardless of where they are placed, and lighter than the alternative. Our aluminum stairs are highly portable and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We take pride in the fact that our stairways are easy to assemble for longterm use.

Aluminum stairs are durable and long lasting. They are also low maintenance, easy to install, and weather resistant. For the most part, our stair solutions can be carried and installed by two to three people.

Customize your aluminum stairs

GatorDock and Mantle Industries stairways are manufactured to fit your exact use case and application. Treads help prevent ippage in volatile environments where water is a factor. This, combined with custom railings, make our aluminum stairs perfect for industrial or waterfront use.

Marine Stairs

Common waterfront applications of our aluminum stairways include dock steps, deck stairs, beach access stairs, pier stairs, and lake access stairs.

Get your alumininum stairway started today

The cost of aluminum stairs will vary depending on the number of steps and the height. On the whole, aluminum is an affordable metal, especially for longterm use.

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