Vinyl Sheet Piling

ShoreGuard® vinyl sheet pile provides a cost-effective and sustainable building material for seawalls and other sheet piling structures that are installed easier, resulting in shorter lead times and longer service-life over traditional materials, such as wood, concrete, or steel. CMI’s patented I-Beam Lock™ feature enforces the panels with greater strength and a tighter seal for a more reliable connection.

With advanced UV protection and co-extruded with XCR Technology™, ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling is used to line national monuments such as the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C., international airports, and neighborhoods to provide flood protection in the face of extreme weather and climate concerns.

Flat Panel™ Sheet Piling

Flat Panel™ is a flat-front sheet pile profile for seawalls, retaining walls, flood protection and water control. This option provides an attractive alternative to corrugated sheet piling. Anchored, cantilevered or geo-grid supported walls can be designed using this advanced profile.

Standard & Premium* Color Options:
Textured Gray
Textured Clay
Woodgrain Green*
Woodgrain Brown*

Corrugated Sheet Piling

ShoreGuard® corrugated Z and Box Profile™ sheet piling profiles were an early CMI innovation and remain the most popular in civil engineering applications. ShoreGuard corrugated panels provide erosion protection and a clean, environmentally friendly solution for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Standard & Premium* Color Options:

Aluminum Docks & Gangways

GatorDock® and Mantle Industries fabricated marine access systems are designed and built to be high performance, long lasting, cost-efficient solutions to harsh marine environments. With protective coating and corrosion resistance, our marine-grade Gator Aluminum™ reduces, and in many cases, eliminates maintenance requirements. Our aluminum structures won't crack like concrete, rust like steel or rot like wood.

Aluminum Bridges

From high-traffic pedestrian bridges to modular trail bridge systems for remote sites, GatorBridge® in-house engineering team designs and fabricates almost any type of bridge exclusively with Gator Aluminum™. Our aluminum bridges are proven to be more cost-efficient, more durable, and last longer than bridges made of other materials.

FRP Composite Sheet Piling

CMI’s fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) UltraComposite™ sheet pile and round pile products are more corrosion resistant, easier to handle and can provide substantial cost-savings during shipping and installation than steel and conventional materials. UltraComposite is used in thousands of commercial and private projects with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Navy and numerous state and local municipalities.

As the largest FRP sheet pile profile currently produced, UltraComposite products are domestically produced and piles are typically delivered to job site with lead times much shorter than steel.

Sheet Piling

UltraComposite™ sheet piling is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steel sheet piling in marine structures, flood walls, and seepage barriers. It’s the strongest, most durable composite sheet piling profile available and often specified for bulkheads in areas that require heavier loading support than vinyl.

Round Pipe Piles

With the low transportation and handling costs, and no maintenance expenses, UltraComposite™ pipe piles are used for docks, piers, foundations, dolphin pile structures, mooring poles and more. These piles offer higher performance, corrosion resistance, less environmental impact, and lower life-cycle costs than wood, steel, or concrete.

Aluminum Sheet Piling

AlumiGuard™ is a line of high performance aluminum sheet piling and components from CMI used in the construction of seawalls, bulkheads and water control structures. AlumiGuard sheets drive and perform with the stiffness of a structural metal, but about one-third the weight of steel. AlumiGuard provides a higher strength-to-weight ratio – making it cost effective to transport and easy to handle on the job site. 

AlumiGuard sheet piling is both marine and military-grade, providing excellent corrosion resistance making it a high performing, low maintenance material in harsh marine environments like saltwater.

Polymer Encapsulated Treated Wood

TimberGuard® is CMI’s innovative line of polymer-protected wood pilings and lumber that are resistant to rot, UV and marine borer damage which are the main sources of traditional wood piling failure. These products are used in marine applications including seawall components, piers, docks and other projects or in conjunction with ShoreGuard®, GatorBridge®, and GatorDock®. 

TimberGuard requires little maintenance and can provide a longer life cycle and a cost-effective, safe alternative to treated wood. Our unique polymer protection system, available in multiple colors, is applied to the entire lumber piling with no need for fasteners. It does not adhere to the wood, which allows the piling to expand and contract naturally.

Athletic Fencing

ChampionWall® is a progressive athletic fence system designed to bring your sports facility’s appearance up to speed. From baseball to soccer, sports facilities are replacing their damaged chain link fences, worn out padded outfield walls and windscreens, with a ChampionWall from CMI.

This fence/post system has interlocking panels finished with VersaCap® creating a modern and attractive outfield wall. Our system is eco-friendly, made from over 95% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable.

ChampionWall® comes in 3 standard colors. Contact us for custom color options.

Standard Color Options:
Defender Blue
Challenger Green
Eliminator Gray

Installation Equipment

CMI developed PileClaw® Installation Equipment to provide a complete solution for the most challenging installation environments. PileClaw is our proprietary steel mandrel installation technology, incorporating patented features to improve the installation of ShoreGuard® and UltraComposite™ sheet piling.

PileClaw® Mandrel

The PileClaw Mandrel is used in many different soil and marine driving conditions, and designed for multiple CMI profiles and sheet lengths driven at depths up to 70 feet. PileClaw Mandrels are compatible with traditional driving equipment including cranes, excavators and Mobilram pile drivers.

PileClaw® Drive Guide

During extraction, PileClaw Drive Guide uses an adjustable width and built-in system for a variety of sheet piles and Mandrels to increase the rate of installation, keep sheets aligned, take the stress off the interlocks, and reduce labor time with easy on-site assembly.

Sheet Piling Accessories

ArmorWare™ is CMI’s line of sheet piling structural components for building an entire wall system with highly durable components including sheets, anchor rods, caps and dead man anchors. Our wall accessories are designed to specifically pair with our sheet piling products to create a durable, long lasting structural solution for your project.


VersaCap is a decorative capping option engineered to fit over ShoreGuard® vinyl sheet piling, made in the USA, and readily available. This nonstructural cap is designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your Flat Panel™ or corrugated wall. Contact us directly for more information.

  • Simple Installation
  • Durable & Sustainable 100% Vinyl
  • Great option when a structural cap is not required.

ArmorWare™ Cap

ArmorWare caps are aluminum and corrosion resistant products engineered specifically to enhance synthetic sheet piling structures. Several cap profiles and color options match our ShoreGuard® sheet piling and AlumiGuard™ products for seamless connection.

ArmorWare™ Rods

CMI’s innovative tie rods are protected with a durable, high-density poly coating in the environment-exposed section of the steel rod. ArmorWare Rod have a protective system that outlasts traditional steel tiebacks rust and corrosion in marine environments. 

Components for Sheet Piling Structures

ArmorWare™ accessory products are specifically designed to pair with and match the longevity and service life of our most popular sheet piling products.

Wales for Bulkheads and Other Sheet Pile Walls

ArmorWare™ wales were designed to resist corrosion, stand up to wave action, UV exposure and other environmental impacts as well as provide maximum structural support.

Aluminum Platforms & Stairs

GatorAccess utility platforms, stairs and elevated walkways are made of marine grade aluminum and are a fraction of the weight of steel. They’re more resistant to rust and natural wear making them ideal for industrial settings and your budget. Our engineers can incorporate custom features like stair treads coated for maximum slip resistance, graspable railings, and in-house engineering specific to each unique application.

Modular Trail Bridge System

The Cumberland Trail Bridge system is made with marine-grade Gator Aluminum™ and limited-maintenance stainless steel fasteners for maximum service life. It’s perfect for parks and recreation groups because the structure is so lightweight that it can be installed, even hand carried, in remote or difficult locations.

Modular and flat-packed, the components meet AASHTO stringent loading criteria for pedestrian bridges constructed from 20 ft to 60 ft long. Customize your bridge system with our aluminum grating or locally sourced wood decking.

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