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Marine Access - Gangways

GatorDock® and Mantle Industries™ marine-grade aluminum gangways are used in commercial or extremely high traffic areas, such as national monuments, ferry loading, or theme parks. We offer custom design options and accessories to meet your project’s requirements.

Dura-Ramp I (DRI)

Dura-Ramp I (DRI)

Heavy duty Dura-Ramp, ideal for long spans, with structural truss framework in the handrail, and meets ADA requirements.

The DRI aluminum gangway picks up where the DRII leaves off as our heavy-duty standard gangway option designed for long spans. By incorporating structural truss framework into the handrail, this highly efficient solution is often chosen for ship access, marine terminals and ferry loading ramps. The GatorDock® DRI incorporates all the requirements of the ADA into its economical design and customizable accessory options.

Dura-Ramp II (DRII)

Dura-Ramp II (DRII)

Dura-Ramp with 2-line rail best suited for moderate spans and ADA compliance.

The DRII gangway is designed for the most common access needs. With a removable 2-line rail, this workhorse gangway offers the best value for short to moderate spans such as loading ramps. Even better, the DRII can be customized to meet ADA requirements with plenty of hinge or connection as well as railing and decking options. Made from heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum, our gangways provide superior, long-lasting performance for your marine access loading and environmental specifications.

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